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A golf course with par 29

An extraordinary course consisting of the 9 holes of our golf course on Lake Garda with a total par 29. For those who are trying this fabulous sport for the first time, you should know that the overall par is set by the sum of the strokes necessary to put the ball in every single hole.

Hole 1

Par 3 short - 100 metres. Well defended by two side bunkers, an out-of-bounds on the left and a row of olive trees on the right. The rough behind the hole is dense and treacherous. The green is medium-sized with a series of slopes, not too prominent, and not easy to judge. In order to make the hole in par, you must pull off a precise shot.

Hole 2

Par 4 - 249 metres. The cup is enclosed by white stakes on the left and right. The sharp dogleg to the right requires precision and the shot must be played from the tee area at the centre of the fairway to avoid going out-of-bounds. The green, invisible from the tee area, is well defended by two bunkers and out-of-bounds that runs along the left side. The green is large and challenging with treacherous slopes. Players should aim for a tee shot that allows a full view of the 224 metres to reach the green.

Hole 3

Par 3 - 177 metres. Large green characterized by a slight and constant left to right slope for nearly the entire surface. Well defended by two major bunkers, one to the left edge and one on the right, as well as an out-of-bounds at the end. On the whole left side of the hole is the out-of-bounds area, so a very accurate tee shot is required. Players have a shorter distance to cover but this hole is still tricky.

Hole 4

Par 3 - 117 metres. A large green in the typical bean shape. The area is not particularly sloping to affect the line of the putt. Well defended by two important bunkers, one on the left and one on the right for almost the entire length of the green. The cup is not surrounded by any out-of-bounds. Here the player has 103 metres to conquer. It might look like shooting a birdie is child's play, but a slight error to the left or right can affect your score.

Hole 5

Par 3 - 121 metres. The green is slightly lower than the tee area. It seems easy but the pin is defended by three bunkers, two on the sides, leaving a limited front opening that is not easy to cross, and one placed on the outer limit above, which puts you out-of-bounds. A shot to the green requires extreme precision or you will end up in the bunker. The top of the green has a few slight slopes that must be considered. This tee shot 105 metres is from the centre of the green. Do not underestimate it.

Hole 6

Par 3 - 150 metres. This hole has a slight dogleg to the left, difficult to judge and well defended. The right side is bordered by white out-of-bounds stakes; on the left, white stakes line the fairway almost until the first bunker to defend the green on the left side. A second bunker is to the right of the green, bordering the outer limit. The oval green poses no particular pitfalls. This tee shot, 132 metres from the green, is one of the most difficult holes of the course.

Hole 7

Par 3 - 120 metres. Deceptively easy, it requires great precision. The green is well-defended on all sides. Your tee shot must cross the bunker which extends in front of the entire green, watching for the outside limit on the bottom and to the left of the green. Olive trees to the right and left of the pin block a shot to the green. The ample green lengthens on the left side, with a slight and constant slope throughout. The shot is 104 metres from the centre green and you must aim well to get near the cup.

Hole 8

Par 3 - 112 metres. White out-of-bounds stakes run on both sides of the hole while the oval-shaped, medium-sized green is defended on the right side and on the bottom by the continuation of the out-of-bounds line and on the left by two bunkers with rather high banks. The putting green, once reached, is not difficult to take on. This hole is facilitated by a tee shot just 98 metres from the centre green.

Hole 9

Par 4 - 250 metres. A challenging hole with a sharp dogleg 90° to the left and two water obstacles before reaching the green. The tee shot is behind the first water hazard, an artificial lake with tall trees, to deter any bold shots to the green. The left and right are marked by out-of-bounds stakes. There is also a road on the course. Two bunkers defend the green: one in front and one at the bottom. Out-of-bounds stakes line the left and right. It is 220 metres from the tee to nearest the water hazard.