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Footgolf: the best of two great sports

Football and golf together? Yes you can!

Football and golf seem to be polar opposites as sports...
Yet, in the early '10s, in 2012 to be exact, the first footgolf world cup was organized, a "hybrid" variant that has been particularly successful in Europe and the USA. Like golf, a 9 or 18-hole course must be completed by kicking a regular size 4 or 5 ball in the least possible number of strokes.


Footgolf is played every Wednesday (except winter) from 5:00 pm!

You can play also in the other days and in the weekend

(with reservation, for groups of 8 or more people)


Entry fee - weekdays

Adult € 12

Under 18 and lady € 10

Soccer ball rental € 3


Entry fee - weekend

Adult € 15

Under 18 and lady € 12

Soccer ball rental € 3


Dress code