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What counts more: having fun or scoring?

Golf course without handicap

Who said you need to score to have fun? Here with us, you can play golf without a handicap! All we ask is passion and respect for fair play. Our 9-hole course with par 3 or 4 is therefore suitable for both professionals and beginners. Come and find out for yourself.

A solution to play on equal terms with the most experienced players

How to establish your starting handicap

Starting point: driving range

Everyone would like to start and become the next Tiger Woods after the first shot... In reality it is quite different and, before facing a match, you need to practice a few hours on the driving range to cultivate your skill.

On to the course!

Once your handicap has been ascertained - max -3 in Italy and assigned by a special committee, the CCH - as a NA (Not Enabled) player registered with FIG, the next step will be to become GA (Enabled Player) with a "Green card", which authorizes you to step on the course.

The EGA test

The next step is to obtain the EGA Handicap, a step that takes place by participating in a special course and a final test of 18 questions relating to the rules of golf and the etiquette. The lessons are conducted by FIG instructors qualified by the Club Handicap Committee (CCH).

Ready for a match

With 15 correct questions out of 18, you have passed the test and you receive the EGA Handicap of 54. This entitles you to participate in the competitions and tournaments organized by the club dedicated to the sixth HCP category (players with EGA Handicap from 54 to 37).